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“We were delighted with Checkmate’s team and their dedication to getting the project done right. I was especially impressed with how well they learned the Insurance business and took personal ownership of the app.”
Mark Stender
Former Chief Digital Officer of Prudential


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Product Design + DEVELOPMENT

Making Cybersecurity Training Engaging 
and Fun.

We worked with Ataata to design their cybersecurity training app, which uses funny videos and short quizzes to make workplace training more practical and enjoyable.

Product Design

Crafting a new experience for a Grammy-Winning studio.

John Marshall Media, a studio specializing in premium audiobook production, worked with Checkmate to design a new experience to make it easier than ever for their customers to record an audiobook.

Product Design

Redefining how banks and cannabis businesses interact.

Green Check Verified is a compliance platform makes it easy for cannabis businesses to monitor and share their compliance history, so that they can foster stable, productive banking partnerships.

Product Design + DEVELOPMENT

Revealing Data and Insights into HR Communication

APPrise's EmployeeApp lets organizations easily share information with their whole team. We designed and developed an analytics dashboard for APPrise that allows EmployeeApp clients to see important data about their communication.

Product Design + DEVELOPMENT

Improving the insurance experience for consumers and agents.

With Insherpa, we designed an application that makes it easier for people to browse policies, buy insurance, store important records, and get in touch with their agent.

Product Design + DEVELOPMENT

Making gun ownership and trading more secure.

GunClear gives gun owners a private and secure way to trade their firearms and access their compliance data using blockchain technology. We designed an interactive prototype for GunClear.

Ideas and Insights

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Revealing Data and Insights into HR Communication

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