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International Trade Forum

The 2016 International Trade Forum (ITF), presented by KIEDC, was a week-long conference in Connecticut which connected attendees with business opportunities in the Middle East and China.


KIEDC wanted to create a website that would act as a central hub for all information pertaining to the ITF, including a schedule, ticket sales, and keynote speakers. They also wanted printed schedules and required a total brand refresh.


KIEDC had been promoting the ITF directly through their network, using email and word-of-mouth. They generated sizable interest this way, but found that it was difficult to continue their efforts without a dedicated website for the conference where they could share pertinent information.

Kevin Corrado

Graphic Designer

“KIEDC already had some presence as an existing brand and organization, although the International Trade Forum was a completely new idea. It was important that we created a Brand for ITF in a timely manner for their week long event. With the intent of ITF being a regular yearly event, the brand needed to be bold enough to get everyone excited for the event year after year. ”

Matt Jasinski

Interactive Media & Content

“Potential attendees needed to be able to learn about ITF’s events at a glance. To that end, it was important to organize the information clearly and consistently, so users could easily find event names, descriptions, speakers and times.”

Alex D'Amico

Lead Front-End Developer

“ITF needed the website up and running quickly, and they wanted to be able to update it easily for future, so we decided to build their site through Wordpress. This made development fast, and gave them access to Wordpress’ content manager to change the copy on their site as needed.”

Brand & logo.

To produce a logo that represented ITF as a brand, we met with the KIEDC team and drafted a series of iterations based on our conversations. The final ITF logo features a triangle enclosed in a circle, representing the “Golden Triangle” of trade between the USA, Gulf Nations, and China. “ITF” is rendered in subtly rounded block letters, giving the logo a bold, modern feel. Their primary brand colors are a high-contrast combination of red, black, and white, making their site and printed materials easily readable.

Building the Event Website.

The main goal of the website was to gather all of the details about ITF in a central, user-friendly location. The site features a simple navigation, with all information located on a single page. A fixed navigation bar points users to the various sections of the page, like “Schedule” and “Tickets.” Built in Wordpress, the team at ITF is able to update their site’s content to reflect upcoming events whenever they choose.

Print Material.

Taking place over the course of a week in three different cities, ITF needed printed schedules to make sure that attendees knew what events were happening where. We designed a selection of schedules and overviews to be printed and distributed to attendees.


The first edition of the International Trade Forum was a success, and KIEDC is now using their site for upcoming ITF events.


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