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Movi Interactive

MoVi Interactive is a consulting company that specializes in building strategies for gamifying healthcare.


MoVi came to us to redesign their website, create pitch decks, and help shape their messaging.


MoVi’s original site had become outdated and did not communicate the company's current position after an important pivot. They also found that they were struggling to succinctly explain their niche role in pitch decks and meetings.

Kevin Corrado

Graphic Designer

“MoVi is a project that needed to have the ability to morph and change into new directions over time. This was a crucial idea that needed to be considered when creating any design content, as we had to make sure we did our job of conveying new information as MoVi evolved.”

Matt Jasinski

Interactive Media & Content

“We worked with MoVi to refine the copy and messaging of their pitch deck and website. MoVi’s scope and strategy have evolved over time, and we’ve ensured that their content has remained up to date with their current vision. The copy in all of MoVi’s material is intended to briefly and clearly explain their services and expertise.”

Building the Website.

We designed MoVi’s website as a simple, one-page experience. MoVi’s blue and white brand colors feature prominently, along with images of people in motion. Users can easily learn about the company by reading through the clean interface.

Telling the story in a Pitchdeck.

When we worked on building a new pitch deck with MoVi, we focused on presenting the company clearly and succinctly. We decided that providing examples of MoVi’s work would help to illuminate their purpose and capabilities to potential partners, and dedicated multiple slides in the deck to showing their projects, both completed and in-progress.

Storytelling through Copy & Messaging.

In addition to basic edits for clarity and grammatical correctness, we helped MoVi’s team to to find terms that both explain their specific expertise and demonstrate the full range of their capabilities. We collaborated to revise their copy during a series of one-on-one meetings.


Since launching their new site and employing their redesigned pitch deck, MoVi has continued to grow and build partnerships with a variety of health-based organizations.


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