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Polarity is a memory augmentation software that uses active overlays to help users analyze and collaborate with large amounts of complex data.


Polarity tasked Checkmate with creating a four page website to showcase the product and provide descriptive information about the company.


One of our primary challenges in producing Polarity’s website was to explain the benefits of their advanced software in a way that everyone could understand.

Kevin Corrado

Graphic Designer

“Polarity was in need of a brand refresh and new 4 page website. In order to meet contemporary design principles, we first needed to go in and re-draw their logo and touch up its geometry. From there we were able to create a complementary motif to use throughout the site. The rest came naturally.”

Alex D'Amico

Lead Front-End Developer

"As the lead front-end developer, I was in charge of building and styling the website in its entirety. One of the major successes was that we got an early lead on the project and finished it two weeks ahead of schedule, getting the client what they wanted earlier than they expected, all without sacrificing style or performance."

Strategic geometric adjustments.

As part of their renewed site, Polarity wanted to update their logo. They were already working with a strong core concept, so we focused on refining the details, modifying it to be more consistent with the intriguing geometric decisions that went into its original design. We altered the lettering and stylized triangle ‘A’ to conform to a uniform thickness. We also adjusted the ‘A’ to be an exact equilateral triangle and made the shape of each letter more consistent. Though these are all minor changes, together, they make for a more visually striking and impactful logo.

Amplifying the brand
through imagery.

Custom illustrations and carefully selected photography act as helpful supplemental assets, providing examples of Polarity’s many potential uses.

Designing the website.

Collaborating with the client is always critical, as they are the ones who know their product the best. Working hand in hand with Polarity, we carefully crafted each section to tell a highly specific piece of the story that comes together across the entire website.


We designed a prototype, went through numerous user testing and quality assurance rounds, and developed the front end of the website. We feel that the four pages that we crafted effectively conveyed the essence of the Polarity brand and product.


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