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Checkmate is a product strategy and design partner for b2b companies.

We believe that collaboration and data-driven validation create better products, faster.

Our 5-Day Design Sprint aligns your team's long-term goals with short-term user tests. By the end of the week, we will create and test a high-fidelity prototype to collect feedback from real or potential users. At the conclusion of the sprint, we'll make recommendations to move your business forward through our network of collaborators.

We're here to support the success of the company, not just the product.

Our Design Cycles are focused on the ongoing design of your product. Through our point-based process, we can augment your team with specific design, content, and strategic deliverables.

a high-fidelity clickable prototype in our 5-Day Design Sprint

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Learn About Design Cycles

Product Design case study

Designing a New UX/UI for a Leading Cyber Security Company

We worked with Ataata to design their cybersecurity training app, which uses funny videos and short quizzes to make workplace training more practical and enjoyable.

Product Design Case Study

A New Experience for a
Grammy-Winning Studio

John Marshall Media, a studio specializing in premium audiobook production, worked with Checkmate to design a new experience to make it easier than ever for their customers to record an audiobook.

Product Design Case study

Crafting UX/UI for a Compliance Management Platform

Green Check is a compliance platform makes it easy for cannabis businesses to monitor and share their compliance history, so that they can foster stable, productive banking partnerships.

Our Partners

"Without the structure of a process and accountability, companies fall into innovation cycles that are 10x as long as this 5-day design sprint, or worse, they never quite get there."
Andy Greenawalt
CEO at OdinText, serial Inc. 500 entrepreneur


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